Elvis Presley Cupcakes


I feel a strong connection to Elvis Presley, in fact I think he might be a distant relative. I’m solely basing this off the fact that my maiden name was Presley and my Grandparents listened to his music all the time. I think those are some pretty strong clues to go off of. Since Elvis is probably my great great second uncle, three times removed I felt I owed it to him to make a cupcake he would be proud of. It’s so delicious and I think he would love the banana and peanut butter combo! Hope you enjoy too!

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Cupcakes, Cupcakes, and More Cupcakes


Salted Caramel: Rich chocolate cake topped with creamy salted caramel butter cream frosting.

Well, I think at some point as bloggers, life takes over and we end up neglecting our blog for a few weeks. At least that’s what’s happened to me and to make myself feel less guilty, I’m telling myself that it happens to everyone else (right??). Life has been busy to say the least. On top of everything else, I decided to start a home based cupcake business, Sweet Midwest Cupcakes. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks baking every night and all weekend taste testing cupcake recipe after cupcake recipe. I’ve eaten some really good cupcakes and some really bad cupcakes…like really bad. But as a baker, you learn so much when testing and developing that many recipes. I’ve never bought more butter and milk in my entire life, which also means I’ve never been more bloated either. :) I suppose it’s a fair trade since I’ve made some pretty delicious cupcakes! Now that I have everything settled, I look forward to getting back to my blog life! If you are in the Tulsa area, I would love for you to check out my cupcake website. Below are a few pictures of the cupcakes offered!

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Baby Shower Cupcakes

FullSizeRender[3]I was recently asked to make cupcakes for a friend’s baseball themed baby shower and I wanted to share the end results with you. They turned out so cute even though the process of making them was a bit stressful..okay a lot stressful! I had practiced making the fondant hats a week ahead but the night before I couldn’t get the shape right and it took FOUR hours to produce 12 tiny baseball hats! That was too much for me to handle and I totally understand why people don’t turn their hobbies into a business now. My peaceful Friday night turned into a straight nightmare! I handed over the 36 lovely peanut and jelly, red velvet, and vanilla cupcakes and smiled thinking, “never again!”.


How to do a Lattice Pie Crust


Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your time with your families and remembering the importance of this day. A lot of bakers will be making wonderful sweets today including delicious pies so I thought I would include a how to tutorial of a lattice pie crust. This type of crust is absolutely beautiful and much easier than you think. Enjoy!

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DIY Pallet Coffee Table


This was my first pallet project and I went into it thinking this was going to be fairly simple. The hardest part was actually finding pallets! People are pretty protective and greedy when it comes to giving up a few pallets. They are like gold around here. I was told not to ever pay for pallets because they are so easily attainable…well after two days of searching, I caved and paid $7 a piece to complete my coffee table. It took two only pallets to make my project, so I wasn’t too upset about it.  I found the directions for the coffee table on pinterst (of course), there were no written directions, only pictures but it was super easy to follow. I have put the directions I followed below along with the link to their website for other great pallet ideas!

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Repurposed Stenciled Canvas


I’ve been staring at the same ugly piece of art above my tv for two years. When I first bought it, I thought it was okay but it was mainly to fill the large space. Finally, I couldn’t take looking at something so hideous any longer and I decided instead of replacing it, I would repurpose it into something better. I did not take the best picture but it turned out great and I hope you get the idea of what I was going for in case you want to recreate something similar. The Martha Stewart stencils and brushes worked perfect and I would highly recommend them!

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Baked Donuts with Icing

FullSizeRender[1] (2)

I love, love, love donuts from the bakery. My favorite is a blueberry cake donut or an applesauce donut…don’t knock it til you try it. It’s so moist and with just the right amount of apple spice. The only problem with loving donuts from a bakery is they open sooooo early and I do not want to go anywhere that early in my pjs even to get these delicious iced covered treats. I think my priorities might be skewed. Anyhow, later I woke up and changed out of my pjs, I bought a donut maker so I could make fresh donuts from the comfort of my own home! For my first try I went with vanilla and blueberry. They were rich and delicious!  They are better eaten fresh on the same day but will store in a container for up to 2 days. I hope you enjoy!

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