Dairy Free Banana Bars

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I go in phases where I will eat a banana everyday, sometimes two in a day. They’re so simple to take with you for breakfast or a snack. However, last month I was in a banana hating phase. After a while of eating this easy, on-the-go fruit day after day I just can’t peel another mushy banana for breakfast. One day I passed by the huge mound of yellow fruit in the grocery store and I looked at them with a little bit of disgust and just keep walkin’…no more bananas! But, as with most of my phases, this one passed and I’m back to my banana loving phase. Which brings us to this delicious dairy free recipe. I had my doubts about these banana bars when I was making the batter because it seemed a little too easy and too healthy. But I was so shocked when I tasted them because they’re super delicious. They have just the right amount of sweetness and banana flavor mixed together. Who is ready for yummy pumpkin fall desserts? I am, it’s my favorite time of the year!

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Ham and Egg Crepe Squares


Aren’t theses the cutest crepes you’ve ever seen?? Apparently they are “deee-licious” as well. I wouldn’t know because my husband gobbled up every last bite before I could taste them but wanted me to make sure I wrote “delicious” as their description. Umm, thanks, I guess…. :) Looks like I’ll be making another batch very soon.

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No Bake Nutella Bites

photo 3

Whoever made Nutella is a genius, it’s one of the most delicious chocolaty spreads I’ve ever had and I’ve been eating it since I was a kid.  I remember before this became the popular food to eat, my Dad brought a jar back from Europe and we would spread it all over our croissants for breakfast. He was a bit of a health freak, so I inhaled it before he could change his mind and realize we were eating dessert for breakfast. These little desserts are like tiny bites of Nutella heaven. They make a great breakfast, snack, or dessert. Hope you enjoy!

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Healthy Banana “Ice Cream”

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I have an extreme love/hate relationship with ice cream. I’m crazy in love with its creaminess and there are hundreds of flavors that always satisfy my sweet tooth! But I hate how my favorite sweet treat makes my tummy feel after I indulge and I end up cursing its delicious name, wishing I had never laid a spoon in it. I swear right then and there that this is the end of our creamy, delicious relationship…until I cave and run back to the store, spoon in hand.
I’ve been pretty good the past few weeks while I’ve been dairy free and it’s been soo hard….really hard! I don’t miss cheese, milk, sour cream, sauces…I just miss my beloved ice cream really bad. So, I found an alternative on Pinterest for banana “ice cream”. I was willing to try it out and while it’s not Ben and Jerry’s, it was pretty darn good!

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Peanut Butter and Nutella Graham Cracker Blondies

photo 1 (4)

Go big or go home, right?? This dessert is a mouth full just to say. It’s loaded with every delicious ingredient that normally makes just one dessert super yummy, so why not throw them all into one pan and completely over do it! If you’re on a diet then I suggest you not even attempt the make this or just screw it and put on your fat pants and dig in because this is all sorts of delicious! :) Continue reading

Repurposed Picture Frame


I’m a pretty cheap person and thrive off of repurposed projects. I get super excited when I get to reuse an old item and bring it back to life, plus it’s free…yippee! So you can understand my excitement when I had an ugly frame and was able to turn it into something beautiful for my new bulldog picture. (Courtesy of Weekday Best on Etsy). It took me all of 15 minutes to complete and I love it, mostly because of the cuteness that is inside the frame. I apologize for the lack of tutorial photos, I completed it so fast that I forgot but below is quick and easy steps to follow.  Continue reading

Healthy Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

photo 5

These delicious little muffins are so healthy for you but you wouldn’t know it because they are so moist and bursting with blueberry goodness! I loved everything about these muffins..there is almost too many to name but I’ll do it anyway. First of all, you only have to use one bowl and one measuring cup to make these. There’s nothing better than a lazy recipe with easy clean up and a great result. Second..they are dairy free, refined sugar free, and contain no white flour…what do they contain then?? Yumminess! That’s right, I threw lots of that in the bowl along with the blueberries, it’s a must :) I hope you enjoy these healthy blueberry muffins for your next breakfast.

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